Other Ministries

New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church


Deacon Ministry

• Deacon Dr. Linward Barnes (Chairman)  

• Deacon T.C. Cotton (Co-Chairman)   

• Deacon Robert Barnes 

• Deacon Oscar Jacobs

• Deacon Victor Dillard  

• Deacon Adrid Johnson

• Deacon Elwood Bolware

• Deacon James Cherry

• Deacon Larry Johnson

• Deacon Jomo Martin

• Deacon Leon Miller 

• Deacon Eddie Taylor 

Deaconess Ministry

• Deaconess Myrtle Harris 

• Deaconess Joyce Barnes

• Deaconess Renetta Barnes

• Deaconess Henrietta Barnes

• Deaconess Yolanda Johnson (Chairperson)

• Deaconess Dr. Anita Dillard

• Deaconess Mary Ann Bolware

• Deaconess Lovie Cherry

• Deaconess Tamika Williams

• Deaconess Carmelita Martin

• Deaconess Sheila Cotton  

• Deaconess Sherri Johnson

• Deaconess Alberta Black

• Deaconess Hattie Taylor



Minister Wives

• Sister Donna Smith

• Sister Sebrena Hamilton

• Sister Lynnise Morning


Associate Ministers

• Evangelist Dr. Anita Dillard

• Minister Terry Morning   


As scripture reveals to us in 1 Corinthians 12 we are all valuable parts of the Body of Christ. It is the objective of each ministry here at New Bethel to serve in a way that is decent and in order while promoting and building the Kingdom of God. We invite you to become a part of a ministry that aligns with the gifts, talents, skills and abilities that the Lord has blessed you with.


Below is a list of outstanding ministries that in their own unique way make this vineyard at New Bethel a true blessing. And as the church continues to grow and flourish there will be additional ministries established that will allow each of us to truly serve the Lord with our time, talent and gifts. Be an active member! The rewards are immeasurable!



• Music Ministry  

• Ushers Ministry  

• Transportation Ministry

• Hospitality Ministry 

• Groundskeeper Ministry  

• New Members Ministry  

• Health Care Ministry

• Pastoral Care Ministry  

• Food Service Ministry  

• Asset Protection Ministry  

• Finance Ministry

• Praise Team Ministry  

• Senior Women Ministry

• Broadcast Ministry 



Upcoming Other Ministry Events







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